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Word Smiths training workshops will give your team an instant boost in several key areas where personal development leads to direct gains in efficiency and effectiveness.

Workshop design

All our training events are designed to be highly interactive, engaging and fun. Our learning approach is to involve participants through discussion, group/individual exercises, games and examples. This means that our workshops work best with a group of between 10 and 15 participants – although we can of course deliver the same content in a lecture hall or as one-to-one session. Whatever the nature of the training event, we always focus on giving the best tips and techniques for developing skills and improving performance.

Highly experienced presenter and course designer Jane Smith has delivered Word Smiths courses to people, teams and groups in universities & colleges, financial institutions, service and manufacturing industries, government departments, local authorities, NGOs & other public sector bodies.

Course topics

Gurdian Masterclasses

Speed ReadingJane Smith is now regularly presenting Guardian masterclasses on speed reading and minute writing. These one-day sessions, run at the Guardian offices near Kings Cross, are ideal opportunities for anyone looking for an individual workshop on these topics.

Contact us if you'd like us to let you know about upcoming dates for these masterclasses.

We currently offer the following workshops.

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Tailoring workshops to your specific needs

Any of our workshops can be given your organisation's specific focus so that it meets your particular objectives. We can refocus an existing course/programme, or develop something completely new – for more information about how we develop custom training packages see the learning design page.

Workshop duration

Most workshops are normally one-day events: however, we can offer shorter versions of some courses on a half-day basis, or mix & match two half-day workshops for a full day event.

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