Coaching and Mentoring for Success
ISBN 9780954886011

Supporting learners in the workplace

Coaching and Mentoring for SuccessThis audio/online resource is a quick way for coaches and mentors to learn the basics they need to do their jobs professionally. If you want to become a more able coach/mentor or help your team members to develop their skills, you won’t find anything better than this ‘masterpiece of blended learning’.

The Coaching & Mentoring For Success audio book package includes two audio CDs (total playing time 124 minutes), a 32 page booklet and access to a wealth of online resources. Together, these components will provide you with all the knowledge and understanding you need to be a successful coach or mentor. The package explains what's actually involved in coaching and mentoring, how to get on well with learners and how to make sure that they succeed in achieving their goals.

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What's in the pack?



What you need to know

  • 1: Introduction (6:23)
  • 2: Coaching or mentoring? (12:20)
  • 3: Developing a learning relationship (11:28)
  • 4: Interpersonal skills (16:16)
  • 5: Engaging the learner (14:56)

Getting started

  • 6: Coaching (11:28)
  • 7: Mentoring (12:23)
  • 8: Providing advice and support (10:27)
  • 9: Monitoring and Review (12:40)
  • 10: Self evaluation and development (13:45)
  • Useful weblinks


  • Learning contract (version 1)
  • Learning contract (version 2)
  • Action plan
  • Coachee/mentee agreement template
  • Coaching plan
  • Review form
  • Self assessment questionnaire
  • Personal development plan (version 1)
  • Personal development plan (version 2)
  • Learning journal (version 1)
  • Learning journal (version 2)
  • Full audio script (pdf only)
  • Booklet (pdf only)

CD edition of this title still available

Although we have moved to download-only delivery for our audio books, we do have stocks available of the double-CD edition of this title. Minimum order 10 copies – £8 (ex VAT) per unit. To place an order please contact



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