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March 2012


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Writing effectively is one of the most demanding tasks that we undertake at work. The problem is that few of us have learned the essentials of this kind of writing. The guidelines we were given at school and university are not always appropriate at work. However, writing effectively is not a mysterious gift – it is a skill that can be learned like any other. This newsletter provides links to some tips and techniques for communicating clear messages to the people who need to read them. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Why do people have problems when they are writing?

Poor written communication causes all sorts of problems. The result could be anything from misunderstandings and irritation to wasted time, project failures and lost opportunities. Don’t forget that if you write badly, it’s not only your own image that suffers in the eyes of the reader; it’s also that of your department or team and your whole organisation.

Why it’s important to think about who is going to read your document

The approach you take when writing and the words you use must be determined by the characteristics and needs of the person or people to whom, or for whom, you are writing.

Why you need to be clear about your document’s purpose

Being clear about your business document’s purpose is important because it keeps you on track. As you build your message you can check that everything you write, and the way you write it, relates to this central purpose.

Do your emails create the right impression?

Every email we send is an advertisement for our organisation, our products or services, and for ourselves. Do our emails make us stand out against the competition? Do they inspire confidence in our expertise? Do they entice people to buy our products or services? Do they showcase our talents? Do they encourage customer loyalty?


Five secrets of good business writing

This article describes five secrets of good writing which will help to communicate your message and create a favourable image for your organisation: http://wordsmithsuk.wordpress.com/2010/10/01/five-secrets-of-good-business-writing/

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