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June 2012


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Mind Mapping e-book giveaway – last chance!

Mind Mapping for Memory & CreativityTo celebrate the 2012 Adult Learners’ Week, we have been giving away Jane's e-book Mind Mapping for Memory and Creativity.

Many of you took advantage of this offer, and you have told us how much you like it. If you haven’t obtained your copy yet there is still time. Please act quickly as the offer finishes at the end of this week (15 June), so now is your last chance to take advantage of it.

Adult Learners' Week logoTo get this, our most popular e-book, just follow this link and we’ll send you the download details. We will be in touch again soon with details of Jane's next e-book, Secrets of Speed Reading.

Mind Mapping for memory and creativity

Hay Mind MapLast month's newsletter described how Mind Maps can help anyone to make the best use of their memories. I use them a lot for this purpose, and am currently creating some Mind Maps to help me recall the best bits of the talks and films I went to at last week’s Hay Festival. If I don’t do this, all the things I learned and enjoyed will quickly get lost as a mass of new information comes in through this week’s experiences. I made this Mind Map to remind my of Claire Tomalin's fascinating talk about her biography of Charles Dickens.

With a bit of practice, anyone can use Mind Maps to recall information from presentations, books, films, newspapers, journals, academic papers, minutes and reports. You’ll have all sorts of information at your fingertips: numbers, names facts – the list is endless!

Word Smiths workshop brochureWhy not book an in-house workshop for you and your colleagues if you are keen to learn Mind Mapping? People love this event as it helps them to develop their memory skills and their creativity. And most importantly, it’s great fun.

Check our brochure for details, and get in touch to find out about Jane’s availability to train your team at your workplace.


Memory & Learning for SuccessOr you can get your own copy of our highly-praised audio learning package Memory and Learning for Success. This describes a whole set of fun techniques for improving your memory – including Mind Mapping.

Find out more, or buy from Word Smiths or from audible.