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July 2012


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Summer giveaway: Secrets of Speed Reading

Why not contact us for a quote for a one-day training workshop presented & designed by top UK trainer Jane Smith at your university, company, NHS department, local authority – or any other type of organisation. Topics covered include Speed Reading, Business /Report Writing, Mind Mapping, Memory Techniques & more…

Word Smiths 2012 coursesFollow this link for sample comments from people who have attended Word Smiths' courses/workshops

You can download our 2012 course/workshop brochure here.

Secrets of Speed ReadingTo celebrate the summer holidays, we are giving away the brand new edition of Jane’s e-book Secrets of Speed Reading. By adding this title to your summer reading list, you’ll quickly learn how to get through more books in far less time.

You will find this book useful if you ever:

This ‘gem of a book’ will help you harness the huge reserve capacity of your mind – and you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

Just follow this link and we’ll send you the download. The free offer on this e-book is open until 15 August 2012.

What is speed reading?

Speed reading offers some steps you can take to increase your reading efficiency. It’s really just simple mathematics. If you can read two or three times faster, you can get through much more material in the time available and you will become better-informed than ever. But it’s not just about knowing a great deal about a large number of subjects. Reading faster will also help to expand the capacity of your mind. Your memory will improve, you’ll be able to communicate better and you’ll feel much more confident.

The way you read at the moment is just a habit acquired over several years. Some of your approaches may be useful, but many more will be counterproductive. Learning some new, more useful reading habits and improving your reading speed will take a little time. But you will find it’s well worth the effort in the end.

Find out more about how speed reading can boost your effectiveness and your confidence from leading UK speed reading author and trainer Jane Smith: