In-house development workshops –
designed and delivered by Word Smiths

Being able to write clear business English, being able to read fast and remember what you have read, being able to record and recall facts/ideas, being able to solve problems creatively – these are essential abilities for people at all levels in almost any type of organisation.

Workshop design

Word Smiths workshop brochureAll our training events are designed to be highly interactive, engaging and fun. Our learning approach is to involve participants through discussion, group/individual exercises, games and examples. This means that our workshops work best with a group of between 10 and 15 participants – although we can of course deliver the same content in a lecture hall or as a one-to-one session. Whatever the nature of the training event, we always focus on giving the best tips and techniques for developing skills and improving performance.

Contact buttonFull details of all Word Smiths' workshops are in our course brochure.

Word Smiths' clients for training and development workshops include universities & colleges, financial institutions, service and manufacturing industries, government departments, local authorities, NGOs & other public sector bodies.

Course presenter

Jane SmithAll Word Smiths courses are designed and presented by Jane Smith.

As well as a trainer, Jane is also an author whose business titles include Word Smiths' range of personal development audio books .

Jane Smith is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and holds a postgraduate qualification from the Institute in managing and delivering training.

Tailoring workshops to your specific needs

Any of our workshops can be given your organisation's specific focus so that it meets your particular objectives. We can refocus an existing course/programme, or develop something completely new – for more information about how we develop custom training packages see our learning design page.

Workshop duration

Most workshops are normally one-day events: however, we can offer shorter versions of some courses on a half-day basis, or mix & match two half-day workshops for a full day event.

Course topics

We currently offer the following workshops:

Group size


Word Smiths' workshops are very interactive events, so we normally recommend a maximum of 14 delegates. But this isn't an absolute limit - it's just that with larger numbers it's more difficult to make sure that every delegate is fully involved.


The total cost for a workshop consists of:

If you know roughly how many people might be interested in attending a workshop, email us and we will get back to you with an inclusive quote which covers course fee, materials and all expenses.