Just a Minute:
The key to effective meeting notes

If you’re a minute taker, or one of your colleagues is in that role, you’ll know that the job carries lots of responsibility – but often little support or credit. It is commonly assumed that anyone can take minutes.

But minute takers are frequently unsure what to write and many meetings are poorly chaired. There is much more involved in minute taking than simply scribbling everything in a notepad – including active listening and the ability to summarise accurately.

Why is minute taking difficult?

Few people enjoy taking minutes because they think the job involves noting down every word spoken in a meeting. However, it becomes a lot easier once you start to see that the purpose is usually just to capture the main issues discussed, decisions made and actions agreed. In most cases, minutes do not need to record exactly what everyone said.

The minute taker makes an important contribution to the success of any meeting. Efficient meeting notes:


It helps to try to see minute writing, not as a chore to be endured, but rather as an opportunity to develop your skills, increase your confidence and enhance your visibility in the organisation.

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