On the tip of your tongue?

Learn how to record, store and recall all kinds of facts and ideas with the popular Making the Most of your Memory one-day in-house training workshop.

This workshop is for you if you want to realise more of your potential for remembering all kinds of facts and ideas. It also aims to help you learn how to use Mind Maps for thinking and note-taking.

Course presenter

Jane SmithAll Word Smiths courses are designed and presented by Jane Smith.

As well as a trainer, Jane is also an author whose business titles include Word Smiths' range of personal development audio books.

Jane Smith is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and holds a postgraduate qualification from the Institute in managing and delivering training.

Why do we forget?

Word Smiths course brochure 2013In today’s high-pressured work environments and hectic lifestyles it’s sometimes easy to feel that your memory has turned into a sieve. Omitting to return phone calls, misplacing your keys, forgetting important dates, facts that just won’t come to you – you’re not alone if these experiences seem to happen with alarming frequency. Many people, (including young people!) complain of such ‘senior moments’.

However, in many cases these problems are not due to aging. While it’s true that memory tends to decline with age, it’s also true that the stressful lifestyles so many of us endure has a significant impact on our ability to retrieve information. Often lapses occur because we rush through things without paying attention –  so we aren’t giving our brains enough time to process and store what we need to remember.

This workshop offers a range of things you can do to overcome these frustrating memory lapses. If you learn to use your fantastic memory effectively, you can approach your work with confidence, communicate successfully, organise your time and carry out every task with purpose and creativity.

The learning is creative and fun. We hope you’ll enjoy it – most people do.

Contact buttonThe Making the Most of your Memory workshop is currently available as a cost and time-effective in-house event (ie run your organisation's premises) for groups of between 6 and 14 people. Contact us for costs and availability.

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